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A Journey 2 Heal is a Kentucky based Counseling and Psychotherapy organization. 

About A Journey
2 Heal

 We are a Behavioral Health Service Organization (BHSO), Alcohol and Other Drug Entity (AODE), and CARF accredited that was established on April 15 of 2016. Our organization currently has locations in Ashland, Grayson, Russell, Olive Hill, and Morehead, Kentucky where we are able to provide a variety of services, so we can meet our clients where they are on life’s journey and assist each of them in the best ways possible.

Our staff takes great pride in being able to provide a range of services in the tri- state area. As an agency, we are able to provide targeted case management, psychotherapy individual sessions, Moral Reconation Therapy groups, DUI assessments and treatment, batterer intervention programs, intensive substance abuse outpatient services, medically assisted treatment, and a variety of unique and diverse individuals, families, as well as group sessions that are able to meet the needs of not only our clients, but our community a a whole. A Journey 2 Heal strives to support the whole person by empowering those we serve to help themselves by meeting them where they are to help them develop and utilize the appropriate tools they need to help themselves.

Each member of our staff at A Journey 2 Heal does understand what it feels like to be broken and being left to put the pieces of ourselves together again. They also know and hope to teach others with the right support, encouragement, tools, and connection, to help assist with gathering the broken pieces, so that the pieces can form something even more beautiful than ever before.

Let us help you pick up the pieces and create the masterpiece hiding within.

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