Our Services

What You Can
Expect From Counseling

  • Insurance accepted and a sliding scale fee
  • Personal, one-on-one counseling tailored to the individual
  • Active engagement in counseling, with the therapist to generate positive changes
  • Individualized treatment goals and homework assignments designed to facilitate change
  • Private, caring, supportive, confidential environment where one can seek help for life problems
  • Professional therapist with the skill and ability to identify concerns and to assist the client in making positive changes
  • Open 7 days a week across our 5 different locations
  • Telehealth available for counseling and groups

Goals For Counseling

  • Identify concerns and problems
  • Develop tools to facilitate changes
  • Develop healthy coping skills
  • Become self-sufficient
  • Realize one’s own potential
Individual Therapy

One on one sessions with a licensed therapist utilizing a wide range of evidenced based practices.

Group Therapy

Providing therapeutic services in a group of two or more people that share a common issue or problem as well as common goals.

Anger Management

Learning to utilize appropriate tools to manage anger.

Parenting Classes

Gaining insight and knowledge from clinicans and/or fellow peers to aid in promoting safe and effective parenting.

LGBTQA+ Treatment
Individual therapy specialized in treating persons who are a part of the LGBTQA+ community. Additionally, we provide the psychotherapy services to aid in any type of transition process.
Medication Management
Utilization of psychatric medication to assist in overall well being.
Medically Assisted Treatment

Treatment providers will utilize evidence-based psychotherapy and medical services. MAT services can entail the option of Vivitrol or Suboxone as one tool to assist in your journey to recovery.

Marital / Couples Counseling

Individualized therapy services treating spouses and couples who have faced difficulties or adjustments within their relationship.

Child Therapy
Individual therapy specialized in treating children and adolescents who may exhibit behavioral health symptoms.
Family Therapy
Individualized therapy services treating a family unit who have faced dysfunctions within their family.
Domestic Violence Treatment

Providing treatment to both survivors and preperators of domestic violence.

Targeted Case Management
State approved trained case managers assisting in helping meet human univerisal needs.
DUI Assessments & Treatment
State licensed DUI assessors and providers who can provide court-ordered treatment to help you gain your license back.
Moral Recognition Therapy
A specific program that leads individuals to make better life decisions based on their morals and belief systems.
Trauma Informed Treatment

Individual sessions with certified and trained therapists that specialize in trauma- focused treatment.

Substance Abuse Treatment
A wide range of treatment options for individuals who are affected by substance use, such as intensive outpatient program, peer support sessions, random drug screens, MAT, targeted case management, and the option of individual services with a licensed clinican.
Peer Support Session
Trained staff who continue to recover from mental health or substance abuse disorders who connect with our clients to help assist in finding their own path to recovery.
Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

J2H is affilated with residential programs Jenkie’s Journey, Lynn’s Legacy, and Hayden’s Hope. The programs are 30-180 days in length, and facilities are located in Olive Hill.

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