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Are you ready to begin a new journey to regain your life? Is it time to invest in yourself and take steps toward becoming the best you that you can be?

About Jenkie’s Journey

Jenkie’s Journey House to Recovery is a residential treatment center offering to meet you where you are. We can help you get on a path toward sobriety and mental wellness.

Each member of the staff at Jenkie’s Journey empathizes with what it feels like to be broken and left to put the pieces together again. With support, encouragement, compassion, and skills training, we believe that your broken pieces, when reassembled, can form something beautiful.

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The Masterpiece Within

Let us help you pick up the pieces and create the masterpiece hiding within. If you are ready to begin this journey, please contact us.

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Who Are We?

Jenkie’s Journey is a the string of residential treatment programs founded and operated by A Journey 2 Heal and established in 2020, in memory of Joshua Jenkins. Joshua made a meaningful impact upon the lives of many residents within the community where our treatment facility is located. His memory will live on through each goal achieved by clients who have participated in our program.

“Every sinner has a future and every saint has a past.” – Oscar Wilde